Founded in 2002, United Energy Trading (UET) is a fully integrated energy marketing and logistics organization with operations throughout the continental United States and Canada. UET provides creative solutions for energy logistics, marketing, optimization and asset management. Leveraging its experience and expertise, UET has proven to be an industry leader in the marketing of crude oil, natural gas, NGL’s and refined products.



UET currently maintains business operations throughout the continental United States and Canada, transporting natural gas, crude oil, NGL’s and refined products on over 100 different pipelines and gathering systems. In addition to these pipelines, UET ships crude oil by rail from a myriad of basins to coastal markets. Through its multi-regional presence, UET utilizes local expertise and established relationships to move natural gas and crude oil to market. Overall UET is moving:

  • 1.5 bcf of Natural Gas per day
  • 110,000 bbl of Crude Oil per day
  • Other:
    • Refined Products
      • 20,000 bpd by pipeline
      • 5,000 bpd by rail
    • NGL’s
      • 100,000 gpd
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