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Denver, CO

Thomas Smith


Tom Smith has 40 years of experience in the energy business with Amoco, BP and Continental. He has held management positions over contracts, transportation and storage optimization, marketing, physical and financial trading, and business development. He has experience marketing and trading natural gas, NGL’s, power and LNG. He was the COO and then President of the Midwest Region for BP. Most recently, he was Vice President of Natural Gas Marketing for Continental Resources. During his tenure, Tom led Continental by installing an energy risk management system and led them from marketing at the wellhead to selling at the burner-tip. He led the Continental team in the Wildcat project, a 400 MMcfd wet line from the SCOOP and STACK production areas in NW Oklahoma to the Tolar Hub near Dallas / Fort Worth

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Thomas W. Williams

Executive Chairman

Tom Williams is the Co-founder of United Energy Trading. Tom has more than 31 years of extensive business development, origination, marketing, and executive management experience in natural gas, crude oil markets, refined products, and related business operations. He is responsible for all aspects of UET’s origination, trading, marketing, logistics, and financial activities, including the growth and operations of 16 offices comprising some 102 employees. Tom has held increasingly responsible positions at oil and gas production firms, pipeline companies, and midstream marketing companies. Tom’s career spans the spectrum from scheduling natural gas transportation, contract analysis, marketing equity production, price risk management, structured deals, midstream asset development, and executive leadership. He is known throughout the industry as an innovative thinker, team builder, deal maker, strong entrepreneur, accomplished communicator, and true leader. Tom’s vision has always been that a successful business is one in which employees and staff have aligned interests and are motivated to provide win/win solutions for both customers and the company. This vision has led to UET growing from a humble start as a newcomer in the Rocky Mountain gas market to a top 20 domestic marketer of numerous commodities.

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Kristi Birdsall

Chief Risk Officer

Kristi Birdsall joined United Energy Corporation in May of 2005 as the Director of Risk Management, and was later promoted to Chief Risk Officer. She started her career in the natural gas business in 1993. Her previous employers include Western Gas Resources, e prime, and Kerr McGee, where she held a variety of positions in accounting, gas scheduling, gas control, marketing, and risk. Seven of those years were spent trading natural gas, mainly in the West Texas area, giving her insight into her current responsibility of monitoring traders and risk. A native of Colorado, Ms. Birdsall graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. She also holds a Master of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Colorado-Denver. She received her Colorado Certified Public Accountant license in 1999, and continues to keep that license current. She is a member of the Colorado Society of CPAs as well as the American Institute of Public Accountants.


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Tim Penney

Vice President Business Development

Mr. Penney began his career with United Energy Trading in 2004, while attending college full-time. He started as an Information Technology consultant and was quickly accepted into United Energy Trading’s Internship Program. During his internship, he performed various accounting functions and implemented several new systems, integrating them with existing programs and departments. In 2008, Mr. Penney graduated from Sam Houston State University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He then joined United Energy Trading full-time as the Marketing and Information Technology manager.

In 2009, Mr. Penney began development of a natural gas trading book in East Texas and throughout the Gulf Coast, building valuable relationships with the producers and customers. In early 2010, Mr. Penney helped develop the United Energy Trading’s crude oil business, making United Energy Trading one of the first companies to ship unit trains out of the Bakken. UET’s crude oil book included a broad range of significant business opportunities including lease and bulk crude purchasing, crude by rail, pipeline and terminal trading, and developing strategically positioned assets for crude oil market bottlenecks. In 2014, upon seeing an opportunity to further diversify United Energy Trading, Mr. Penney started the United Energy Trading’s refined products department. This included buying and selling refined products to bulk customers along with building out rack sales around the United States. Under Mr. Penney’s leadership both United Energy Trading’s crude and refined products businesses have continued to develop and expand.

Mr. Penney currently serves on the United Energy Trading Board of Directors and is Vice President of Business Development. In this role, he manages both the refined products and crude oil businesses, he is also an integral part of finding new opportunities for United Energy Trading to grow.


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Kyle Smith

General Counsel


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Marcus Eller

Managing Director of the Rockies

Marcus joined UET in 2017. Before that, Marcus spent more than 25 years in the western energy markets. He started his career at Colorado Springs Utilities. During his 12 years there, he was instrumental in the development of CSU’s internal gas and power optimization, trading and risk management activities. Marcus then moved to El Paso Natural gas where he worked in the Marketing group. Here he expanded his experience into the Southwest markets. A year later, he moved to BP. For 8 years, as a Director of origination, Marcus worked with producers and consumers in the Rockies, Southwest and California regions. He focused on longer term deals involving complex physical and financial structures to optimize returns while mitigating risk. Here he also expanded his responsibilities into crude oil and NGL products. Marcus then moved to Tenaska where he continued his focus on western markets. Marcus has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado and an MBA in Accounting and Finance from Regis University.


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Mike Huggins

Managing Director of Natural Gas Hedging, NW Rockies & Retail

Mike graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in statistics and started his career in 1995 at Western Gas Resources as a Financial Analyst. Two years later, Mike began trading derivatives at Western. He became WGR’s lead financial trader shortly thereafter trading Nymex, Basis, and Options, with a focus on the Rockies.
In 2007, Mike was hired by High Sierra Energy as their risk officer. He went on to help create and manage High Sierra’s wholesale gas marketing group.

Mike joined UET in March 2009. Mike helps manage Callective Energy, Kratos Gas and Power, and Uncle Frank Energy Services – the Retail Energy Marketing divisions of UET. Mike is also part of a group who manages Green products such as RNG, Carbon Offsets, and REC’s nationwide. He also helps with natural gas storage and wholesale gas marketing in the Rockies West region.


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Serafin Barayazarra

Director of Natural Gas NW Rockies & Retail

Serafin started his career in the natural gas business in 1999 as a financial staff accountant with Western Gas Resources, Inc. where he was responsible for preparing the monthly financial reports for eight natural gas and liquid plants.

In 2000, Serafin made the move from accounting to marketing as a financial analyst, where he was responsible for tracking the daily futures and derivative trading activities for WGR’s corporate financial trading desk.

In 2001, he made the move from the financial side of the business to the physical side as an Associate Gas Marketing Representative. His duties included providing analytical support to the physical gas marketing team.

In 2005, Serafin joined WGR’s gas marketing team where he was responsible for maximizing sales revenue for WGR’s Rockies production as well as monetizing storage and transportation contracts in the Rockies region and in Canada.

In 2007, Serafin left WGR/Anadarko to join High Sierra Energy, LLC. in their efforts to start up a wholesale natural gas group.

In the spring of 2009, Serafin left High Sierra Energy to join United Energy Trading, LLC. where he is currently working with the retail natural gas group. Helping to manage CAllective Energy, Kratos Gas and Power and Uncle Frank Energy Services.


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Brian Potts

Director of Natural Gas NW Rockies & Retail

Brian Potts started his career in the energy industry in 2001 with Aquila Merchant Services in Kansas City, MO as a Gas Scheduler, and moved to Gas Trading within the year. He then joined Southwest Gas Corp in Las Vegas, NV as a Specialist in the Gas Purchases and Transportation division. In 2006, Brian joined United Energy Trading, LLC. Currently, Brian helps manage Callective Energy, Kratos Gas and Power, and Uncle Frank Energy Services – the Retail Energy Marketing divisions of UET. He is part of a group that manages Green products such as RNG, Carbon Offsets, and REC’s nationwide. Additionally, Brian helps manage natural gas storage and wholesale gas marketing in the Rockies/West region. Brian has scheduling and trading experience on gas pipelines and hubs throughout the Rockies, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, California, and AECO areas. Brian is a graduate of the University of Kansas, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.


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Dmitry Kaydanov

Director, Refined Products

Dmitry started his career in 2005 as a natural gas scheduler at Kerr Mcgee. Over the next 6 years he worked for several large North American natural gas producers including Western Gas, Anadarko Petroleum, and Encana while moving from a scheduling/logistics roll into a physical rockies natural gas trading role. In 2011 Dmitry joined United Energy Trading as a natural gas scheduler and held that position until moving over to a crude logistics position managing all of UET’s Niobrara and Bakken business including crude-by-rail, pipeline and truck transport, and various other back office functions. Starting in 2014 Dmitry was integral in building UET’s refined products business and he is now focused on expanding UET’s wholesale refined products business through pipeline capacity acquisitions and developing end-use markets. Dmitry graduated from Colorado State University in 2005 with a bachelors degree in Finance.


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Zac Hildebrandt

Director of Refined Products Trading

Zac joined the United Energy Trading team in October of 2012, and has over 10 years of industry experience including risk management, financial planning & analysis, business development, and Trading. In 2014, Zac helped to create UET’s refined products business, and today is primarily focused on expanding its operations; both at the wholesale and rack level. Zac is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Denver with a degree in finance.


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Cav Vassau

Marketing Manager Refined Products & Ethanol

Cav Vassau began his career in the energy industry in 2010 at TransMontaigne. His initial focus was on scheduling ethanol and biodiesel. In this role he helped the company optimize trading as a major player in the US ethanol market along the Atlantic seaboard and inland river system. During his final year at TransMontaigne Cav managed truck, rail and pipe scheduling of crude oil. Cav joined UET in late 2012 as a crude oil scheduler, later moving into a crude oil logistics manager role where he was responsible for UET’s Pawnee, Bakken and Cushing operations. Currently, Cav is focused on building and pursuing opportunities within UET’s refined products business, where he trades gasoline, diesel and ethanol. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on finance.


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Gregory Smith

Domestic and International Business Development

Mr. Smith, Managing Director, Business Development at United Energy Trading LLC, has more than 37 years of extensive commercial business development, origination, marketing, management, and policy/regulatory development experience in natural gas and crude oil markets and related business operations. He created the crude oil business unit at UET and was a primary driving force and one of the very few pioneering leaders behind the crude by rail boom in North America from 2009 through 2015. He has worked at progressively higher levels within government, oil and gas producing companies, and energy marketing/trading companies. Mr. Smith is an exceptional writer and presenter/speaker. His experience and in-depth knowledge of natural gas liquids, strategic planning, midstream acquisitions, strategic business partnerships, and implementing large-scale complex projects in the domestic oil and gas industry compliments and deepens UET’s presence in these areas.


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Alex Schomers

Director – Crude Oil (U.S. – Rockies, Midcontinent, & West Texas)

Alex Schomers started his career in the energy industry in 2008. Prior to joining UET, Alex worked for DCP Midstream and Tenaska Marketing Ventures concentrating on accounting and scheduling NGL’s and natural gas. He began working for UET in March 2011 to facilitate the company’s crude oil scheduling and logistics. Alex was UET’s crude oil scheduling and logistics lead until mid-2013 when he was promoted to the commercial group. As a part of UET’s crude oil marketing team, Alex focused his time in deal origination throughout the Bakken and Rockies regions and in crude-by-rail and pipeline transactions spanning the United States from coast to coast. He is currently a Director of Crude Oil and oversees UET’s crude oil pipeline and storage business throughout the Rockies and Midcontinent. Alex received a Bachelor of Science in business administration with emphasis in finance and accounting from the University of Colorado.


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Dennis Hansen

Director – Crude Oil (Canada

Dennis started his career in the oil industry in 1972 with Husky Oil, working in Marketing and supply and worked into domestic trading positions with international trading companies, Nesteoy, Canadian Occidental, Dynegy, Seminole Canada, Vitol and Trafigura. He joined United Energy Trading LLC in 2010 to help develop the business of marketing Bakken crude by rail. His long-term relationships with significant refiners and trading companies enabled UET to rapidly expand the Bakken rail business. He is part of the Crude oil team, working on Canada crude opportunities. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Economics from Utah State University.


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Josh Irsik

Director – Crude Oil (U.S. – Rockies)

Josh Irsik joined UET’s Crude Oil team in March 2017, focusing on crude oil marketing activities in the Bakken and other Rockies regions. Prior to joining UET, Josh spent 15 years with Suncor Energy initially in their Transportation and Pipeline Divisions. His final 6 years with Suncor were spent in their Rockies Trading group where he began in operations and scheduling. At the time of his departure from Suncor he was the sole Trader responsible for leading Suncor’s Rockies Trading strategy and activities while also supporting the supply of their Denver and Montreal Refineries. Josh earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business management with an emphasis in marketing from Colorado State University.


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Matt Tracey

Marketer of North American Commercial Accounts

Matt joined United Energy Trading as a Marketer of North American Commercial Accounts in 2015. His role at UET is to work with both crude and natural gas customers in the Rockies Region. Previously, he began his career in the energy industry in 2013 with Acoma Energy, as a Mineral Acquisition Analyst, with a specialty in purchasing and leasing mineral rights. Matt is a graduate of Bryant University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Management.


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Vincenzo Sangaline

Manager – Energy & Oilfield Services

Mr. Sangaline began his career within oil and gas in 2016 working at the Denver based energy investor reporting firm Enercom, while also a full-time college student pursuing a degree in Geology. He started as an intern at Enercom and quickly transitioned into the role of Lead Reporting Analyst focusing on major U.S. acquisitions. In 2018 Mr. Sangaline graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in Geology. With his degree he began working as a contract geologist on specialty projects with the international marine midstream company West Indies Petroleum. It was at “WIP” that Mr. Sangaline was introduced to the midstream business on a global scale, and learned the importance of the oil & gas industry and specifically the U.S energy market.

Since 2019 Mr. Sangaline has worked for two of the largest U.S. refined product distribution and logistics firms as the managing Fuel Procurement Analyst. During this time Mr. Sangaline oversaw the purchasing, delivery, and sale of over 200 million gallons annually of refined and specialty products throughout every American oil basin. Mr. Sangaline currently works as the Manager of Energy & Oil Field Services at UET, and is growing the refined products distribution and terminal rack sales business through the oil & gas sector.


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Paula Regan

Director of Asset Development

Paula’s energy career began in 2006 as a natural gas contract analyst at Cheniere Energy. She joined CIMA Energy as a crude oil rail scheduler in 2011 and within a couple years, was promoted to Director of Operations, overseeing all the operations of the bulk crude oil desk. Paula joined UET in 2017 as the Director of Asset Development and is focused on identifying and developing midstream assets. Paula has a Bachelor of Finance with a track of Global Energy Management and a Master of Business. In addition, Paula spent six years in the United States Navy from 2000 to 2006 as a United States Navy Presidential Guardsman in Washington, DC and stationed onboard the USS Bulkeley as a spy radar technician.


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Mark Hastings

Director of Renewable Fuels

Mark began his career at TransMontaigne in 2009 as a Market Analyst before moving to a Business Development role in 2012. Most recently from 2015-2020 Mark served as Director of Renewable Fuels and Logistics at TransMontaigne where he managed the RINs book, RVO exposure, and the origination and supply of ethanol and biodiesel. Mark also helped double E100 sales to compliment subsidized rail assets, and he managed ethanol offtake for ABE South Dakota’s Aberdeen and Huron plants. At United Energy Trading, Mark leads the management of all RINs and the origination and supply of ethanol and biodiesel.

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Kyle Eichman

VP of Marketing and Media Relations

Kyle Eichman joined United Energy Trading in November of 2021 as Vice President of Marketing and Media Relations.  Prior to UET, Kyle spent over 10 years in professional sports with the NBA’s Sacramento Kings in positions ranging from Director, Relationship Marketing to Vice President, CRM & Analytics.  He also played a key role in both the construction and opening of Golden 1 Center, the Kings new state-of-the-art LEED Platinum Certified arena and the surrounding DoCo Entertainment District in downtown Sacramento.

Kyle began his career in the gaming industry and spent over 11 years in the Las Vegas gaming market holding marketing and analytics positions with industry leaders such as Mirage Resorts, Bally Gaming + Systems and Pinnacle Entertainment.  He also served as the Director of Consumer Marketing for the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, opening the property on May 3, 1999.  At a cost of over $1.5 billion, it was one of the most expensive resorts of its kind at the time.

Kyle graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and also earned a Certificate in Marketing from CU-Denver.  While in Sacramento, he served on the Sacramento Regional Council of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


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Houston, TX

Kurt Batenhorst

Executive Vice-President

Kurt Batenhorst is currently acting as Executive Vice President at the United Energy Trading office located in Houston, Texas, where he covers the Natural Gas Marketing, Trading, and ESG for the United States. Prior to UET, Kurt was employed at Macquarie Energy Company for 8 years, presiding over Gas, Power, LNG and ESG origination. Prior to Macquarie, Kurt worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he ran consumer commodity sales, including Energy and AG’s. Most of his 30+ year career was spent at BP with over two decades of tenure in jobs focused on transportation and trading before he ultimately transitioned into the head of Consumer Structured Product Origination for North America. His team was given the #1 hedge provider award for several years as rated by Energy Risk Magazine. Kurt lives in Katy, Texas, where he is married with three very active daughters who are involved in many activities, most notably on National Champion Volleyball teams, including one who is currently competing on the USA National Volleyball team.


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Rick Anderssen

Director of Trading and Marketing Midcontinent & West

Transwestern, El Paso and CIG pipelines. Hadson was purchased by LG&E Natural Gas Marketing in 1996. Rick stayed with LG&E after the purchase until they moved the trade floor to Louisville Kentucky. After LG&E, Rick moved to USGT where he traded financial and physical products for the west and southwest regions of the U.S. Rick’s next career move was to PanCanadian Energy Services, Inc where he was the Manager of the West region, where in that role he was responsible for all aspects of trading and commercial operations in the Western United States. Finally, Rick joined United Energy Trading, LLC (UET) in March 2003. As Director of Marketing and Trading, Rick has helped develop both the Western region and the Midcontinent region of the United States for UET. Furthermore, Rick helps to handle all of the financial hedging for UET and UETC. Rick is a graduate from Baylor University with a BBA in Marketing and Finance.


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George Gilbert

Director of Trading and Marketing & Structured Products

George started his career in the Corporate Tax Department at Enron Corporation. His next career move with Enron landed him in a leadership position on Enron’s gas trading floor with their Risk Management Department. There, George was a team lead responsible for keeping profit and loss, positions reporting and deal entry. Soon thereafter, George transitioned to Enron’s Natural Gas Derivatives Desk where he became a Director and marketed physical and financial natural gas, crude oil and refined products to the energy industry. After Enron, George moved to UBS Warburg as a Director on their Derivatives Desk, again marketing derivatives to the energy industry. After a year, George moved to Shell Trading Gas and Power as a Director on their Producer Services South Desk where he marketed financial products to producers and purchased physical gas. Early in 2006, George moved to BP North America where he took a position as a Director on their Structured Products Desk, marketing physical and financial structured products to the energy industry. George attended Texas A&M University and Louisiana Tech University, graduating in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. George is also a Certified Public Accountant. George is currently serving as Director, Structured Products at United Energy Trading, LLC. At UET, George is responsible for financial trade execution for the company and managing the P&L of his own proprietary book of business.


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Brad Freeman

Director of Asset Management & Marketing

Brad Freeman has more than 30 years of experience in the operations, marketing, strategic planning and optimization of natural gas assets, gas supply, and LNG. Extensive experience in pipeline, storage, supply and demand modeling across North America with strong relationships with LDCs, marketers, power generators and industrial customers. Brad started his career with Atlanta Gas Light Company working his way up through Gas Control from Engineer to Director, Gas Operations spending 10 years in Gas Control/Operations at the utility. In 2001, Brad transitioned to the AGL affiliate Sequent Energy Management. For the next 13 years, Brad modeled, managed and optimized multi-year natural gas asset management deals in all regions of the US and Canada. In 2013, Brad worked at Wood Mackenzie modeling natural gas pipeline infrastructure and basis for pipeline project, supply and demand changes across North America. In August 2014, Brad joined UET as Director, Asset Management and Marketing. Brad is focused on growing the asset management transactions for UET across the country but with primary focus in the east. Brad has a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


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Joseph Davis

Southeast Trader/Senior Scheduler


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Calgary, CA

Seth Alward

Vice President of Trading and Marketing

Seth began his career scheduling for Cargill in Minneapolis in 2000. He soon moved into trading the Midwest and eventually expanded coverage into Canadian markets. When Cargill acquired Mirant Canada in 2003 he moved to Calgary and soon transitioned to senior trader to manage their Eastern Canadian book.

In 2006, Mr. Alward left Cargill to help to establish UET’s Canadian office. Seth is a graduate of University of Colorado with a degree in Finance.


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Shane Comtois

VP NGL Marketing & Trading

Shane Comtois began his career in 1997 working for MP Energy, a family owned and operated wholesale marketing and trading company. In late 2007 MP Energy was sold to Gibson Energy where Shane spent the next 6 years of his career managing and trading the NGL risk book for Gibson’s and subsequently moving on to the role of Vice President of the NGL business in November 2013. Shane spent the next 5 years leading the NGL group at Gibson’s until it was ultimately sold in 2018. Shane worked at Factor Gas Liquids as the GM of Supply, Trading and Risk Management from November of 2018 until joining United Energy Trading in August 2021.

Shane holds a Bachelor of Management Degree from the University of Lethbridge as well as the Chartered Market Technician designation from the Market Technicians Association.

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Andrei Evdokimoff

VP NGL Marketing & Trading

Andrei has enjoyed over 25 years in the North American Energy Industry. Andrei started his career in Calgary, Alberta with Shell Canada in the downstream commercial bulk fuel and lubricants (Agency Sales) division. He started in customer service and shortly thereafter was transferred to Edmonton, Alberta for 5 years where he transitioned from a customer service analyst into an area manager role where he sold bulk fuel tank trucks and rail cars in Western Canada and managed rail, truck, and marine bulk fuel and lubricant terminals. His last role at Shell over the course of his 13 years with them, was in the upstream Sulphur business whereby he aggregated gas plant and refinery sulphur and managed all the rail and truck sulphur logistics for Canada, U.S., and for offshore sales to Asia, South America, and Asia.

Andrei made a career and industry transition to the natural gas liquids (ngl) business in 2007. His first ngl role was as the Logistics Manager for NGL Supply Co.Ltd. and then he was hired by MP Energy (Gibson Energy subsidiary) where he held roles as NGL Trader, Manager, and General Manager over the course of 8.5 years with Gibson and was an integral member of the team that grew Gibson’s North American ngl business. After Gibson, Andrei spent 2 years at Factor Gas Liquids Inc. providing extra breadth and depth to their Sales & Marketing team selling ngl’s across North America. Andrei’s ngl sales and trading experience includes the full slate of ngl products; propane, butane, natural gasoline/condensate, y-grade, and olefins. Andrei is excited about the new opportunity to develop and grow the North American ngl business at United Energy Trading.

He graduated with a Bachelor or Commerce degree from the University of Calgary. He enjoys the outdoors and an active lifestyle with family and friends outside of work.

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Fraser MacDonald

Gas Control Analyst

Fraser MacDonald started his career with United Energy Trading in 2007 as a Gas Control Analyst. His previous experiences include NGX and Cargill. Fraser is a graduate of University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce.


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Kevin Murphy

NGL Marketing & Trading

Kevin started his career in 2008 in Imperial Oil’s Land department. After several progressive assignments in Imperial Oil & ExxonMobil’s Land, Commercial and Strategic Planning departments, Kevin moved into the Gas & Power Marketing division as NGL trader. In that role he was primarily responsible for marketing butane across Imperial’s refinery sites.

In 2016 Kevin moved to Plains Midstream Canada as their manager of Canadian butane marketing. His portfolio expanded to manage marketing for Plains’ Western North America propane and butane assets. The last assignment Kevin held at Plains was manager of the North America NGL marketing team. Following Plains, Kevin moved to Factor Gas Liquids as NGL Marketer / Trader.

Kevin joined United Energy Trading Canada in 2022. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary and an MBA from Queen’s University.


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Wade Willetts

NGL Marketing & Trading

Wade began his career in the energy industry in 2007, spending the first 9 years in various finance, economics, and corporate development roles at Nexen Inc, Tervita, and Newalta.  In 2016 Wade joined Plains Midstream where he managed business development projects before transitioning to NGL marketing.  After being quickly promoted to Manager of NGL Marketing, he led the team responsible for marketing Plains’ North American propane and butane.

In March of 2022, Wade joined United Energy Trading to help develop and grow the North American NGL business.  He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Saskatchewan and is a CFA charterholder.


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Casper, WY

Terry Urlacher

Director – Crude Oil (U.S. – Rockies)

Terry started his oil field career in 1982. Terry is a proud alumnus of North Dakota State University (Go Bison). Prior to joining UET in 2012 Terry worked for Getty Trading & Transportation, Texaco Trading & Transportation, Equilon Enterprises and Eighty-Eight Oil. Terry has held various operational and management positions in Crude Oil Trucking, Crude Oil by Rail and Crude Oil Pipelines logistics. Terry moved into Crude Oil Marketing in 2002. Terry has worked his entire career in the Rocky Mountain Region and has lived in North Dakota, Montana, Colorado and Wyoming. Terry lives with his wife Rhonda in Casper; Wyoming and they have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Terry & Rhonda enjoy camping, hiking, golfing and spending as much time as they can with their kids and grandkids.


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Chicago, IL

Jim Stilling

Director, Origination Midwest Division

Jim has been involved in various aspects of the energy industry for over 35 years. He started his career in accounting and corporate planning with Peoples Energy and MidCon Corp. From there, Jim moved into unregulated marketing with MidCon Marketing and has held management and gas origination positions with Aquila, Peoples Energy, Integrys and NextEra. Over this period, Jim has compiled an outstanding track record of innovative customer solutions. With United Energy Trading, Jim is focused on originating new opportunities with utilities, power plants, producers, industrials and municipalities.
Jim has a BBA in Finance from St. Norbert College, an MBA in Corporate Finance from DePaul University and holds an Illinois CPA certificate.


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Columbus, OH

Jay Jordan

Director Marketing, Appalachia

Jay started his career with United Energy Trading, LLC in May of 2013. He serves as Director of Appalachia. Jay started his career in 1993 at Columbia Gas of OH and has extensive industry experience ranging from scheduling, financial and physical trading, asset management, and risk management. Prior to joining UET, Jay worked for Columbia Distribution Companies, Statoil, Enron, Aquila, and Integrys Energy primarily in a scheduling or trading role. Jay graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance.


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Midland, TX

Brad White

Business Development, Permian Basin

Bradley started his career as a Petroleum Geologist from Texas A&M in 1983. Upon graduation, he combined hard earned drilling and production expertise to form an Independent oil and gas drilling and production company in Oklahoma from 1985-1993. Brad then moved to Wall Street, advancing to become an accomplished Energy Analyst servicing the financial side of the energy markets from 1993-2018. Working for banks including Citicorp, Barclays, Paribas, Societe Generale, and JP Morgan, Brad covered a broad and diverse institutional and corporate client base. His vast experience has led to important relationships within the industry, that continue to endure today. Brad joined UET in 2018, moved back to Texas, and focuses on the dynamics of Permian Basin oil production. Brad established UET’s Midland office to exploit the new oil marketing opportunities it presents.


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Scott Louderback

Senior Director Permian Basin Crude

Scott began his career in the oil industry in 1987 with the Permian Corporation in Midland, Texas. He started in the field and moved into crude oil marketing as a Lease Crude Representative continuing through the merger with Scurlock Permian. In 1994, Scott and two partners formed Navajo Crude Oil Marketing. During his tenure with the company, he held multiple Vice President titles for Navajo Crude Oil Marketing, Navajo Refining Company and Holly Refining and Marketing. After 18 years, Scott joined Shell Trading US Company in 2011 as a Lease Crude Trader. With his vast Permian Basin crude oil purchasing and transportation expertise and extensive industry network, UET recruited Scott in 2019. He serves as the Senior Director Permian Basin Crude and oversees the crude oil purchasing and trading activity for the Midland office. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University.


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The Woodlands, TX

Bill Swan

Vice President - Business Development

Bill serves as Vice President of Business Development and brings over 23 years of leadership experience in asset development, rail, logistics, marketing, terminal operations and development, and midstream business development focused in crude, refined products, and LPGs. Bill began his career with 12 years at BNSF Railway and served in various leadership roles in business and asset development, marketing, and sales management. In 2008, Bill joined USDG and led many commercial efforts in the development of USDG’s Crude by Rail network. During his time at USDG, Bill primarily focused on deal origination, commercial development, contract negotiations, and customer interface. In 2015, Bill joined Blackline Partners as a Managing Partner and Vice President of Business Development and led the commercial and business development efforts for the partnership. Bill holds a BBA in Finance from Texas Christian University and MBA from Southern Methodist University with a concentration in Finance.

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Jake Housman

Director of International Crude Oil Marketing

Jake Housman brings 16 years of oil and gas experience to UET. After serving in the US Military on a EOD Team, Jake started in the industry with Grey Forest Utilities, a gas municipality near San Antonio, TX while using his G.I. Bill at the University of Texas at San Antonio where he completed a Bachelors in Business in Construction Management. In 2008, Jake joined Chevron in the Permian Basin to help manage the operations and maintenance of the West Texas LPG system out of Midland, TX. Before One Oak purchased the West Texas LPG system, Jake transferred to the commercial trading group in Midland, TX as a lease crude oil trader to help manage Chevron’s Midland Truck Terminal and the third party crude business. In 2014, Jake transferred to Houston where he traded Eagle Ford and USGC crude waterborne grades. All during 2015, Jake started Chevron’s US crude export strategy to align with Chevron’s expected growth, where later in 2015 the US Crude Export Ban was removed. For four years he traded US cargoes and expanded Chevron’s Global Trading model by helping Chevron execute permian takeaway, aggregate third party supply to global trading teams and refineries, and market US equity to foreign customers. In mid-2019, he joined Arcadia and successfully started up a US Crude Export capability out of Houston, TX. Not long after, In Jan of 2021, Jake joined UET. He will be leading efforts to expand UET’s domestic crude trading business in the USGC and internationally under UET Global, a subsidiary of UET LLC. Jake enjoys traveling and the outdoors, but 2nd to raising his 4 children with his wonderful wife, Viola.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Phill Sabol

Director, Natural Gas Marketing, Western PA

Phill has been in the natural gas industry since 1987 with a vast majority of his experience as a non-regulated marketer in the Mid-Atlantic and Appalachia areas. Phill spent 3 years in regulated sales with Columbia Gas Distribution Companies (NiSource) from 2001-2003 and 5 years as an energy buyer for National Steel Corporation from 1987-1992. Prior to joining United Energy Trading, LLC (UET) in October 2019, Phill spent the last 17 years as a non-regulated marketer in providing natural gas commodity and related services to industrial and commercial end users with PESCO Energy, ARM Energy, Delta Energy, Dominion Energy Sales and Marketing and Equitable Energy. Phill started his natural gas marketing career in 1992 with Columbia Energy Services.

Phill graduated from Penn State with a B.S degree with honors in Engineering (Engineering Science curriculum) and is a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh.


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Salt Lake City, UT

Rob Platt

Director of Trading – Pacific Northwest and Western Canada

Rob is the Manager of Trading for United Energy Trading. Rob is responsible for trading around and optimizing United Energy Trading’s assets for the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Rob also manages United Energy Trading’s Northwest Pipeline, GTN and Westcoast Pipeline transportation portfolio.
Rob has been in the natural gas business since 1997 primarily as a gas trader, but has held roles in areas of accounting and pipeline logistics. Rob started his career in natural gas with Associated Natural Gas in Salt Lake City, Utah, which later became Duke Energy. He was relocated to Houston where he was tasked with managing all Western U.S. gas trading and optimization at Duke Energy, until moving back to Utah in 2005 to take a trading position with Wasatch Energy (now IGI/BP). Rob was one of the founding partners of the Utah office for Iberdrola, managing the trading and optimization desk from 2007 to 2014.
Rob is a graduate of the University of Utah.
When Rob isn’t working you can find him hiking somewhere in the Wasatch Mountains with his wife and four children, or reading the latest science fiction book.


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Justin Carlton

Operations Manager – Pacific Northwest and Western Canada

Justin is the Operations Manager at United Energy Trading. As part of the gas trading group, Justin manages daily pipeline logistics from the wellhead to the customer burner-tip. He is responsible for making sure natural gas is delivered reliably to markets around the Western United States that depend on United Energy Trading each and every day.

Justin started his career in the gas industry in 2009. Prior to joining United Energy Trading in 2016, he worked in the gas operations and trading group at Iberdrola Energy Services where he scheduled gas on multiple pipelines throughout the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. In addition to gas scheduling, Justin managed the day-to-day balances for one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest Cogeneration plants as well as the balances and transportation for several large industrial customers.

Justin holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University and a BA from the University of Utah.

When Justin isn’t working, you can find him in the great outdoors of Utah with his wife and three kids.


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Seattle, WA

Justin Pino

Director of Gas Markets

Justin is the Director of Gas Markets at United Energy Trading. He provides end use industrial customers with strategic insights on a broad array of matters including the design and implementation of long-term risk mitigation and hedging strategies, gas pricing analysis, and utility rate savings analysis.

Justin has been in the natural gas industry since 1992. While working towards his degree in the early 1990′s at the University of Utah, Justin worked full time as a gas transportation representative at Questar Pipeline in Salt Lake City, Utah. From there he worked in operations and trading for Duke Energy, and as the energy manager for Coastal Corporation’s large chemical and fertilizer plants in the Western U.S. He was the manager of industrial accounts at Wasatch Energy (now IGI/BP) for five years before joining United Energy Trading in May 2008.

When Justin isn’t working, you will find him on the golf course, working in the yard, or on one of the thousands of beautiful Pacific Northwest day hikes.


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Rich Greenwell

Director of Gas Marketing

Rich is Director of Natural Gas Marketing, Pacific Northwest, at United Energy Trading. Rich began his early career at Merrill Lynch as a Registered Financial Advisor before moving into a leadership capacity within the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2007, Rich has focused on originating opportunities within the commercial and industrial end use markets, utilizing a variety of hedging strategies to reduce customer exposure to market volatility while providing a reliable source of natural gas.

When Rich is not at the office, he spends his time playing and coaching ice hockey with his two boys, fishing, hunting, or can be found in the mountains with his family.


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Tulsa, OK

Kyle Revere

Director of Trading Midcontinent

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Omaha, NE

Joseph Cooney

Director, ESG

Joe has joined United Green Energy as Director of ESG. Located in Omaha, NE he is focusing primarily on renewable fuel projects, renewable fuel supplies and markets. He is an internal resource for regulations affecting these fuels and opportunities for UGE clients to achieve carbon neutrality. Prior to joining UGE, Joe was employed for 4 years by EcoEngineers, as an Account Manager, Regulatory Consultant and Sr. Carbon Consultant. Prior to joining EcoEngineers, he had a long career in the energy industry in roles ranging from design engineering, code compliance, trading, business development and energy management. His senior management experience includes VP and General Management roles at Aquila, Tenaska Marketing Ventures and InterCoast Trade and Resources. Joe and his wife live in Omaha where they are fortunate to also have their daughters, sons-in-laws and grandkids living nearby.


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Wilmington, DE

Al Gallo

Managing Director – Northeast

Al brings to UET a wealth of experience in the energy industry in various capacities including financial and physical energy trading, marketing, and origination. Al started his career in natural gas marketing at O&R Energy/Norstar in 1993 where his initial focus was scheduling natural gas in the Mid-Atlantic Region. It was after joining Louis Dreyfus Energy Corp. (LDEC) in 1996 where Al transitioned into purchasing supply for term markets and trading physical gas on Texas Eastern and Transco pipelines. After LDEC, Al moved to Delmarva Power/Conectiv Energy where he traded financial and physical energy products for the Mid-Atlantic Region. For 13 years, Al managed the forward fuel supply for Conectiv’s power plants throughout DC, DE, MD, NJ, and PA. In 2010, Al moved to Constellation/Exelon in Baltimore where he managed the financial trading and physical supply for Constellation’s power plants throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. In 2015, Al moved to Chesapeake Utilities where he was responsible for building Chesapeake’s natural gas marketing affiliate’s, PESCO, wholesale and retail presence in the Mid-Atlantic and Ohio Valley.

Al joined United Energy Trading, LLC (UET) in January 2020 as Managing Director, Northeast. In this role he leads all aspects of UET’s Northeast Retail book, including natural gas supply, trading, marketing, and sales. Al is a graduate of the University of Delaware for his BA and his MBA in Finance.


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Keith Korin

Director of Natural Gas Southeast Region

Keith Korin is the Director of Natural Gas Marketing for the Southeast Region. Keith’s diverse energy background includes portfolio management for natural gas and power, risk management, marketing, origination, and demand response. Keith has been in the energy industry since 2010 spending 4 years with WGL Energy and 6 years with Direct Energy before coming over to United Energy Trading, LLC. With WGL Energy, Keith served as the Field and Sales Operations Supervisor for Mass Markets for the Mid-Atlantic Region. During his tenure with Direct Energy, Keith assisted large industrial customers across the DC metro area with their energy management needs: forecasting, budgeting, and procurement. Keith is a graduate of Marshall University for his BA and MS.

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Amy Snyder

Director, Natural Gas Marketing, Mid-Atlantic

Amy Snyder is the Director of Natural Gas Marketing specializing in developing the Mid-Atlantic region. Amy’s diverse energy background includes portfolio management, risk management, marketing, origination, power dispatch, scheduling, and trading. Since Amy started in Energy she has developed and executed strategies for marketing companies, utilities, midstream services companies, and consulting firms. As the Director of Operations at an energy consulting firm, Amy has focused on managing wholesale and retail growth and development. Amy received her undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and her Master’s from the University of Maryland.


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Sharran Patterson

Natural Gas Trader/Scheduler, Northeast

Sharran began her career in the natural gas industry with South Jersey Gas Company as Manager of Payroll in 2005, and later moved into a position with South Jersey Resources (SJR) group, subsidiary of South Jersey Industries, as a natural gas scheduler in 2011.  Prior to working in the natural gas industry, Sharran was employed for over 10 years with Atlantic City Electric Company (an Exelon Corporation) in various accounting roles.  Sharran has extensive scheduling experience, having scheduled on most of the northeast pipes including TGP, Iroquois, Dominion, Transco, TETCO, TCO, and National Fuel.  In 2013, Sharran was promoted to Scheduler Manager and managed scheduling operations for SJR’s New Jersey and Houston offices.  In January of 2019, Sharran accepted an offer with Peninsula Energy Services Company (PESCO) as a Supply and Transportation Manager, where she was responsible for trading, scheduling, and optimization of pipeline assets.

In November of 2019, Sharran joined United Energy Trading, LLC. as a Northeast Trader/Scheduler for Western Pennsylvania and AB retail books, and has been very active in supporting UET’s presence in the Northeast.

Sharran has a Bachelor’s of Accounting Degree from Franklin Pierce University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from University of Phoenix.


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Emma Fisher

Natural Gas Scheduler, Mid-Atlantic

Emma balances retail customers, schedules pipes, and trades in the cash market in the Northeast. She has a B.S. in Energy Business Finance from The Pennsylvania State University, class of 2018.


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Dave Sandy

Financial Controller

Dave Sandy is the Financial Controller for United Energy Trading. Dave oversees a staff of fourteen that handles volume actualizing, invoicing, settlements, cash management, foreign exchange, imports, gross production taxes, excise taxes and sales tax reporting. Dave came to UET in August 2006 after a six year stint working for the State of North Dakota. Dave received his bachelors degree in accounting from the University of North Dakota. The UET accounting office is headquarted in Bismarck, ND with its parent company, United Energy Corporation.


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Rob Williams

Senior Natural Gas Scheduler

Rob Williams is the Gas Control Supervisor at United Energy Trading. Rob joined United Energy Trading in 2002 and has scheduled numerous pipelines across the U.S. He graduated from Metropolitan State College in 1989 with a B.S. in Business Management.


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Jason Hill

Chief Credit Officer

Jason Hill is the Chief Credit Officer for United Energy Corporation (UEC) and all of its subsidiaries which include United Energy Trading, LLC. He has been with the UEC since April 2008. He started his experience in the management of global credit operations in the energy industry in 1999. He also participates in the banking arrangements for the company’s lines of credit. Before joining UEC he was employed by Aquila, Inc. where he held various Manager positions in credit operations for its wholesale marketing businesses and played a key role assisting in cash forecasting for Aquila’s Treasury group.


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Matthew Lindsay

Associate General Counsel

Matthew Lindsay joined United Energy Trading as Associate General Counsel in 2017. Matthew has worked in both litigation and regulatory positions since 2006, having represented energy clients in innumerable court and administrative proceedings. Most recently, Mr. Lindsay was counsel for the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. Prior to that time, he was the Chief of Staff for the New Orleans City Council, which is the governmental entity responsible for regulating electric and gas utilities in New Orleans. Matthew received his law degree from the University of Tennessee College of Law in 2006 and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Yale University.


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James Fox

Director Credit Risk

James Fox is the Credit Risk Manager for United Energy Corporation (UEC) and all of its subsidiaries, including United Energy Trading, LLC. James joined UEC in October 2017 from NGL Energy Partners where he fulfilled the role of Credit Risk Manager. James has also held roles at Koch Supply & Trading and Repsol Trading USA, where he supported Risk, Credit, Contracts and Compliance functions. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and his MBA from Newman University.


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Amy Hayduk

Director of Crude and Refined Products Scheduling

Amy began her career in the energy industry in 2003 at Suncor Energy, Amy developed a robust knowledge of refined products, from pricing to logistics. In 2009, she moved into a crude oil scheduling role managing over 100,000 barrels a day of crude movements, including lease trucking to bulk pipeline movements. Amy brought her wealth of experience to UET in 2016; having primary management responsibility for all crude oil and refined products scheduling, overseeing an experienced team of schedulers.

Amy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Colorado State University.


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Tyler Salyards

Director – Gas Scheduling

Tyler started his career in the industry in 2011. Since then, he has worked at CIMA, Mieco, and now UET. Tyler has experience with nearly all United States and Canadian pipelines. He has been fully involved in all of the natural gas marketing operations (Trading, Scheduling, Accounting, Risk), as well as the implementation of multiple ETRM systems. Tyler comes from a veteran family in the industry, with his mother, sister, and uncle all being energy professionals. He now manages a team of the industry’s most experienced schedulers here at UET.


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Stacie Bush

Risk Manager – Crude Oil and Refined Products

Stacie Bush joined UET in November of 2011 as a Senior Marketing Analyst in the risk group and was later promoted to Risk Manager – Crude and Refined Products.  Her career began in 1992 at Western Gas Resources where she held several accounting and mid-office positions.   She moved to Enserco Energy in 1998 where she headed the mid-office group for natural gas and crude oil.  She also studied for and passed the CPA exam while at Enserco.   Stacie graduated from University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, and later went to University of Colorado at Denver to complete the MBA program.


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Deidre Firster Neumann

Risk Manager – Natural Gas

Deidre joined United Energy Trading in 2012 as the Spanish language customer service representative and quickly transitioned to the Risk department.  She has been responsible for all manner of duties within the department and was promoted to Manager of Risk for Natural Gas in 2021.  She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wyoming; additionally, she earned a Master’s degree in Spanish from the University of Wyoming and a Master’s in Global Energy Management from CU Denver.


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