Wholesale Services

Identifying Opportunities,
Delivering Reliability

Managing the Volatile Energy Marketplace

As an experienced and trusted energy partner we can help you:

  • Optimize price
  • Manage performance risk
  • Identify and take advantage of opportunities

When you work with UET, you have access to a comprehensive range of services that accomplish those goals, including:

Price Management

UET offers hedging services to eligible producers and consumers.

Production aggregation and wellhead balancing

Many of our producers have multiple wellheads on multiple different lines. We aggregate these wells in order to protect the producer and interest owners from unnecessary pipeline fees and imbalance charges.

Assistance in contract negotiation

Upon request, UET will assist you with transportation contracts, processing, pipeline connection, and meter installation.

Wholesale Marketing

UET offers daily, intra-day, and monthly term pricing and nomination services. We also offer transportation and storage services to help balance your portfolio.

Structured Products

We offer a variety of structured, customizable products to help you manage energy prices. Products include fixed prices, caps and floors, collars, and structures derived to discount the index value paid by end users or increase the premium you receive.

Asset Management

Whether you’re focused on getting product out of the ground or to the burner tip, our regional experts can help you maximize both the intrinsic and extrinsic value of your production or transportation and storage assets.


We support every step of NGL marketing and logistics, from the wellhead to the end user. You’ll receive highly competitive prices and advantageous contracts for your propane, butane, and other condensates.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas is a Commodity. Service is our Priority.

Customer service means delivering reliable natural gas to your facility each and every day. We’re focused on our customers – they know our reliability and trust our capabilities.

Our experienced, top-tier trading and risk management group is active in natural gas markets every day across the U.S. and Canada. Together with your dedicated UET account team, they’ll develop a sound, structured approach, mitigating the effects of price volatility and protecting your project economics.

Crude Oil

Competitive Prices, Expedited Delivery

Even after your product is out of the ground, you still need it to flow – to terminals, transporters, and markets.

UET purchases, transports, stores, and sells over 440,000 barrels of crude oil per day. Our national presence, market knowledge, and logistics capabilities uniquely equip UET to balance supply and demand, optimize supply chains, and respond to your needs. Because our team has decades of experience in market dynamics, we can take advantage of special crude oil opportunities and ensure you’ll receive a competitive price. Our expertise in solving logistical challenges and relationship with transportation providers means we can expedite delivery of your product to market while reducing commodity risk.


UET transports crude oil on an expanding footprint of pipelines across the U.S. and Canada. Our growing pipeline presence enables us to transport to higher price markets, generating significant revenues for producers. Combined with its partners, UET presently has capacity on individual pipelines as high as 40,000 barrels a day and combined capacities across all pipelines of 55,000 barrels per day.

Crude Acquisition at the Lease

With more than 20 years of average industry experience, our originators have a comprehensive understanding of the issues you face. We can help you overcome concerns related to flow assurance, net back sensitivity, severance taxes, royalties, and working interest demands.


Upon completion of the Pawnee Crude Terminal in Weld County Colorado, UET became the anchor shipper on Pony Express’s Northeast Colorado Lateral, supplying midcontinent refineries with a premium quality crude oil previously unavailable to them. In conjunction, UET has extensive storage and blending capability at the Pawnee Crude Terminal and in Cushing, Oklahoma. Cushing is a major crude oil hub with multiple crude oil streams and the price settlement point for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) on the New York Mercantile Exchange.


UET has historically been on the cutting edge of logistic opportunities. UET pioneered Crude-by-Rail in 2009, partnering with an established rail logistics company, and was the first to make unit train shipments from the Bakken, Eagle Ford, and Denver-Julesburg basins to the Gulf Coast.