Green/Renewable Energy

An Innovative Driver
of Sustainable Energy

Renewable Energy

We Believe in Green

What is “renewable energy”? Energy gathered from sources that can be naturally replenished. Through entities like United Green Energy (UGE), UET’s renewable energy efforts include bio-diesel, renewable natural gas, RECS, ethanol, and more.

Renewable Natural Gas & Bio Fuel

Renewable natural gas begins very humbly as waste from biological organisms. Amazingly, this refuse created by animal, human, and farming sources can be broken down by a naturally occurring process called anaerobic digestion and then repurposed into fuel for everyday use.

Biofuel is one of the most viable sources of renewable gas and an essential tool as the planet adopts more and more green energy solutions. Created from a variety of starchy plant species, biofuel is already being used to power cars and trucks in many countries including the U.S., Sweden, and the UK.

A Carbon-Neutral World

Helping the world reach a carbon-neutral status is our ambitious, but possible, goal. Through innovating and driving groundbreaking technology in the renewable and sustainable energy space, we’re approaching our responsibilities to the planet with urgency. We’re honored and excited to be involved in the creation of a cleaner future for UGE and the world.

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