Upstream Services


Upstream Services

At United Energy Trading, we have taken vertical integration to new heights, offering refined product delivery directly to the well head. Our mission is to empower drilling and completion operations with exceptional customer service and unwavering reliability. With our 24/7, 365-day availability, we ensure smooth operations and provide on-site assistance whenever you need it.

Products Delivered:

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel – Dyed

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel – Clear

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Gasoline – All Blends and Grades

Specialty Onsite Products:

21,000-gallon fuel storage tanks

CNG Depressurizing System Trailers

Auto Frac Fueling Systems

Wireless Fuel Tank Monitor for 24/7 Level Surveillance

For upstream Permian inquiries, please contact:

Vincenzo Sangaline


Special Projects:

During Q4 2022, UET ventured into the refined product “last mile” delivery business, supplying drilling rig and frac companies with the fuel necessary to power their operations. We initially began in southwest New Mexico, servicing multiple drilling locations. Since then, our services have rapidly expanded across both West Texas and New Mexico, reaching an ever-growing client base while continually expanding our product line.