Minimizing Our Impact
on the Environment

Your Carbon Offset Renewable Partner

Since 2021, UET has been a carbon footprint offset company and we want to help our customers manage their emissions as well. Through diligent logistics and ecological carbon management programs, we are committed to making the world a better place ®.

Our Green Legacy

We’ve been driving and shaping the sustainable energy marketplace for years. In 2014, UET began by purchasing and selling carbon credits and by 2015 those credits became Green-e® Climate Certified. Green-e® Climate Certified is a distinction marked by the most rigorous standards for quality in the industry. We’re proud of this eco-friendly accomplishment, and so too are our California customers who have been enjoying our many green energy options since 2019.

A Collaborative Effort

Our longstanding partnerships with Callective Energy and United Green Energy (UGE) allow us to continue providing the most cost-effective sustainable solutions. Through purchasing options like Carbon Offset Green Gas, Callective Energy ensures communities in California have the best in green energy choices. United Green Energy offers customers worldwide a multitude of renewable energy services and products to help offset carbon.

100% of greenhouse gas emissions associated with natural gas consumption can be offset with Green-e® Climate certified carbon offsets.

An Impressive Impact

Since teaming up with Plant-It 2020 and 4Ocean only three years ago, the combined efforts of UET, Callective, and UGE have helped plant over 40,103 trees and remove over 3,500 pounds of trash from our oceans.

Callective Energy* has offset:

113,977 tons of CO2 (19,500,000 therms of Natural Gas & 220,000 Kwh of Electricity), equivalent to the average consumption of 25,000 homes.


A step toward cleaner energy starts here. We look forward to helping our retail customers discover first, what's next in green energy.

A Message from Our President

UET is committed to providing our growing customer base with renewable energy options. Doing things sustainably is not new to us. Our years of experience across the energy spectrum has guided our success in the clean energy space. Today, UET is proud to be a disruptive leader in the new energy frontier. Our expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to our customers position us to deliver exciting sustainable solutions, while maintaining access to reliable and affordable energy.

Thomas Smith, President