United Green Energy and Green Rock Energy Partners Announce Partnership on Renewable Natural Gas Opportunities

May 17, 2022

Denver, CO — United Green Energy (“UGE”), through its affiliate United Energy Trading LLC (“UET”), has formed a strategic partnership with Green Rock Energy Partners (“Green Rock”), a sustainable infrastructure-focused private equity firm, to co-develop renewable natural gas opportunities. UGE has made an investment in Green Rock’s first project (the “Project”), Bio Town Biogas, while also providing commodity marketing and logistic services to the Project.

Bio Town Biogas, which closed in Q3 2021, sources food waste, dairy manure, beef manure, and other agriculture waste to produce renewable electricity, renewable heat, and renewable natural gas. The Project is UGE’s first equity investment in a series of similar renewable natural gas projects involving Green Rock. UGE brings to Green Rock value-added renewable energy services and products.

“UGE’s commercial role with the Project highlights the strategic importance of a partnership with a long-standing, successful natural gas trading company” said Andy Kelleher, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Green Rock. “UET provides Green Rock a competitive advantage through linking sustainable fuel production to UET’s many end use customers.”

Notably, for this Project and the series of associated planned projects, UET will be conducting the majority of the commercial renewable natural gas offtake activities including gas injection, storage, and sales. This approach optimizes sustainable fuel projects’ value by leveraging and aligning UET’s decades of success in logistics and natural gas trading with deployment of additional project capital.

“With its own production of renewable energy credits from ownership stakes in production facilities along with access to additional supplies, UGE is in an enviable position to provide ESG services to its many natural gas end users “, stated Thomas Williams, Executive Chairman and EVP of Business Development. “This partnership is a natural complement to UGE’s mature carbon credit business which has been operating successfully since 2014.”

This investment and future planned offtake activities are just one component of a comprehensive array of initiatives that UGE has planned, including advancing the supply of Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG), low CI RNG, intermediate CI RNG, generation of carbon credits through range management improvements, and Landfill Gas (LFG). Aiming to neutralize and mitigate the carbon footprint of UGE’s customers, UGE launched its carbon offset program in 2014, connecting individuals and businesses to Green-e certified renewable energy credits.

Taken together, today’s announced partnership with Green Rock, along with the additional array of UGE’s green initiatives, comprise a full suite of ESG products and services designed to ensure attainment of the sustainability goals of UET’s numerous and long-standing end use customers.

About United Green Energy and United Energy Trading

United Energy Trading, LLC is a fully integrated energy marketing and logistics organization with operations throughout the continental United States and Canada. UET purchases, transports, and/or sells a wide array of energy products throughout North America.  UGE specifically sells environmentally friendly products such as Carbon Offset Green Gas, RNG, RSG, Renewable Fuels, Carbon Offsets, and RECs and is experiencing significant growth in this area as consumers more widely embrace Green Energy and the positive impact it has on the environment.

For more information on United Green Energy and our renewable energy efforts please contact Kyle Eichman at keichman@uetllc.com or visit www.unitedgreenenergy.com