United Energy Trading to be Newest Exclusive Throughput Partner for Superior Fuel

May 24, 2023

United Energy Trading, LLC, announces its newest partnership with Superior Fuel, a deal that will provide wholesale propane from Superior Fuel’s rail terminal in Duluth, Minnesota to Superior Fuel customers in the region.

The terminal was built in 2021 and has been in operation for two years, supplying fuel to northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. The partnership between Superior Fuel and United Energy Trading will add additional volume of propane supply to the terminal, which features four 80,000-gallon storage tanks, as well as ample track capacity. The facility is served by BNSF, strategically located near a major interchange, allowing rail supply to be economically sourced from multiple carriers. There is ample capacity for demand surges.

“United Energy Trading can offer a wide range of supply options with flexible pricing structures to meet the needs of any customer. This is an attractive new supply point in the northern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin markets. We’re excited about this partnership that goes beyond providing incremental energy solutions,” said Tom Smith, President of United Energy Trading.

United Energy Trading offers a wide range of supply options and flexible pricing structures to meet the needs of its customers.

United Energy Trading is a fully integrated energy marketing and logistics organization with operations throughout the continental United States and Canada. As an experienced and trusted energy partner, UET can help optimize price, manage performance risk, and identify and take advantage of opportunities in the market.

About United Energy Trading:

United Energy Trading is an energy marketing and logistics company, founded in 2002 to foster sustainable business as well as a sustainable future for all. From beginning to purchasing carbon credits in 2014 to now being a 100% carbon neutral company, UET has been methodical and intentional with its integration of sustainable energy sources available for its clients. Specializing in Natural Gas Wholesale & Retail, Renewable Crude Oil, and Refined Product Markets. Since, 2021 UET has been a carbon footprint offset company running 100% of its business on renewable energy, with the hope of making a greater impact and influence on its customers management of their own carbon emissions.