United Energy Trading Earns Biofuels Certification Touting Sustainability Practices

January 9, 2024

United Energy Trading, LLC (UET), a leading energy logistics, marketing optimization, asset management and producer services company, has achieved International Sustainability and Carbon Certification EU and PLUS certifications for its purchasing, selling, and trading of ISCC EU and PLUS certified biomethane and bio-circular methane for the renewable fuels market.

The ISCC EU certification is recognized by the European Commission to demonstrate compliance with the sustainability criteria for biofuels and bioliquids set out in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) and by the United Kingdom under the renewable fuel obligation. The ISCC PLUS is a voluntary sustainability certification for plastics and chemicals, food and feed markets, as well as biofuels outside the European Union and the UK. Together, these globally recognized certifications position UET to provide supply chain integrity assurance to its customers and other stakeholders.

“Through diligent logistics and ecological carbon management programs, UET is committed to making the world a better place. Our strategic efforts under our United Green Energy banner has bolstered our renewable energy solutions in bio-diesel, biomethane/renewable natural gas, renewable energy certificates, ethanol, and investments in sustainable infrastructure to help the world obtain carbon-neutral status,” said Tom Smith, President of UET. “The ISCC EU and PLUS certifications bring UET one step closer to achieving our long-term goals by partnering with our customers to help reduce carbon footprints, improve ESG scores, and monetize carbon sequestration and ultimately be a leader in driving the clean energy movement.”

This is not the first sustainability certification UET has received. The company has been Green-e® Certified since 2021. Green-e® Climate Certified is a distinction marked by the most rigorous standards for quality in the industry.

About United Energy Trading:

United Energy Trading is an energy marketing and logistics company, founded in 2002 to foster sustainable business as well as a sustainable future for all.

From solely purchasing carbon credits in 2014 to now being a 100% carbon neutral company, UET has been methodical and intentional with its integration of sustainable energy sources available for its clients. Specializing in Natural Gas Wholesale & Retail, Renewable Crude Oil, and Refined Product Markets. Since, 2021 UET has been a carbon footprint offset company running 100% of its business on renewable energy, with the hope of making a greater impact and influence on its customers managing their own carbon emissions.