Third Party Gas Providers Bring Lower Utility Costs to Front Range Organizations

January 11, 2018

Businesses, City Governments and Schools See Significant Savings

(DENVER – March 7, 2017) As a direct result of deregulation of the energy industry, Colorado commercial and industrial organizations are benefiting from lower natural gas costs. An increasing number of Front Range organizations are taking advantage of greater choice and competition to realize energy savings of as much as 15%. Local gas provider United Energy Trading, LLC (UET) has nearly tripled the amount of natural gas distributed to Colorado businesses over the last three years and expects even greater growth in the next three years.

“Because we’re locally based, we’re in a perfect position to provide the most appropriate products with the highest level of professional service to all our Colorado customers,” said Tom Williams, United Energy Trading, LLC President. “At our Lakewood headquarters, we’ve assembled a top-notch team with years of experience and a strong commitment to helping their clients achieve the greatest cost savings.”

Over the last 12 months, UET began providing natural gas to many local organizations including:

Denver Public Schools, with nearly 100,000 students and staff, began receiving natural gas from United Energy Trading in January. UET will provide for energy requirements at both schools and administrative facilities.

“It’s important for us to save money wherever we can and if we can cut our heating costs significantly, that’s a benefit for both our school community and taxpayers” said Jim Faes, Director of Sustainability, Denver Public Schools.”

In Fort Collins, the city will use natural gas from UET to heat administrative buildings and also to fuel the city’s fleet of natural gas-powered buses.

When the Colorado energy industry was deregulated in 1999, the stage was set for 3rd party natural gas providers to compete with traditional utility companies.

UET began operations in 2002 and, with extensive experience in the wholesale market, began providing natural gas directly to commercial and industrial customers in Colorado in 2014. Although it has retail operations in over 10 states, UET is seeing rapid growth among its gas customers along the Colorado Front Range.

Former worldwide president of RE/MAX, LLC, Vinnie Tracey, directs retail marketing efforts for UET. “It’s easy to understand why organizations big and small are looking to reduce utility expenses and it’s rewarding for me to use my past management experiences to deliver personalized customer service and real cost savings.”

Natural gas distributed by 3rd party providers is delivered through existing pipelines. UET account managers use their considerable trading and price management expertise to purchase large quantities of natural gas at various markets across the country, then pass the savings on to their clients. They also provide expert guidance to their clients on how best to meet their particular energy requirements.

In an improving economy, UET sees continued growth as more Front Range groups realize the potential savings from purchasing natural gas in an open and competitive market.

About United Energy Trading, LLC

Founded in 2002, United Energy Trading (UET) is a fully integrated energy marketing and logistics organization with operations throughout the continental United States and Canada. With 15-years of experience in the wholesale energy market, UET is now also a retail natural gas provider. In a few short years, UET has become the 3rd largest privately held natural gas supplier in the United States and is among the Top 20 overall. Each day, UET delivers an average 2 billion cubic feet of natural gas, enough to heat eight million homes for a year. Commercial and industrial clients average 15% savings on natural gas provided by UET. With its corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado, UET is proud to provide an unparalleled level of customer service. For more information please visit

Vinnie Tracey
Vice President, North America Commercial Accounts
United Energy Trading, LLC