Midstream Midland

August 15, 2018

United Energy Trading (UET) is proud to announce the establishment of a satellite office in The Permian Basin. Headquartered in Midland Texas, the office will be home to both UET and its affiliate UET Midstream, establishing complementary skill sets of marketing and asset development in this fast growing Basin. The scale of recent E&P operations in the Midland, Central and Delaware Basins has provided the area with better access to funding than ever before, allowing current production to overwhelm existing infrastructure. UET and UET Midstream together possess the experience to secure reliable off-take, achieve optimal markets, and provide gathering, storage, trucking services (including constructing truck stations), and both short and long term take-away solutions to benefit producers. Our primary focus in the Permian Basin will be the same as what has led to our success in other areas of North America: an unwavering commitment to providing value, honesty, open communication, and reliability for our customers. Invite UET Midstream to be on your list of providers so we can add valuable insights as your diligent partner in your critical decision making process.