Introducing UET Marine, Providing Superior Refueling Services in the U.S. Gulf

October 26, 2023

HOUSTON (Oct 18, 2023) –– United Energy Trading and Gulf Coast Fuel Supply are pleased to announce that they have joined forces to form UET Marine, which will be dedicated to bringing a higher level of service to the US Gulf marine fuel trade.

UET Marine will sell marine grade fuels in the offshore fuel markets of Houston/Galveston, Corpus Christi, and surrounding vessel anchorages with operations anticipated to start this December. The new firm will bring the maritime excellence and marine fuel market expertise of Gulf Coast Fuel Supply, combined with the financial strength and oil market trading prowess of United Energy Trading to offer a better choice for fuel buyers in the US Gulf.

“This venture seeks to provide a higher quality experience to our clients. Our improved quality control and streamlined processes have been put in place to elevate the client’s experience,” said UET President Tom Smith.

The higher service and quality experience that UET Marine intends includes using Coriolis Smart Flowmeters, which provide improved accuracy and faster delivery of fuel. In addition, UET Marine will provide onboard mooring masters on all of its delivery tankers, ensuring smooth and efficient fuel delivery to UET Marine customers. UET Marine will provide an enhanced slate of fuel testing, including Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectroscopy as well as additional testing for organic contaminants, providing customers with better assurance that their vessels are receiving quality fuels.

UET Marine looks forward to providing quality and customer service to our maritime customers.

For more information or (832) 698-8110


UET Marine was established in 2023 as a partnership between Gulf Coast Fuel Supply and United Energy Trading, to provide a higher level of service to customers in the Gulf. UET Marine provides fuel services and tanker vessels to customers along the Texas Gulf Coast and beyond. For more information, go to