Blue Spruce Energy Services is pleased to announce its participation in the Green-e Climate Program

January 11, 2018

Blue Spruce Energy Services is pleased to announce its participation in the Green-e Climate Program. As part of the “BLUE SPRUCE Green Gas” product, Blue Spruce is able to offer Green-e certified carbon offsets. These offsets reduce the environmental impact of a customer’s natural gas use by ensuring the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the combustion of natural gas at the point of consumption are carbon neutral.

Green-e Climate is an independent certification program for greenhouse gas emissions reductions (carbon offsets) sold in the voluntary market. This program identifies carbon offsets that meet the program’s high environmental and consumer protection standards. For more information on Green-e Climate certification requirements, visit

The Blue Spruce Energy team is dedicated to offering its customers a vast array of products to meet their energy needs. Whether it is costs savings or the environmentally conscience choice, we are here for you. We are making a difference in a changing world, one customer at a time.

About Blue Spruce Energy Services

Blue Spruce Energy serves California retail natural gas customers under the umbrella of United Energy Trading (UET), LLC, a fully integrated energy services company with offices and operations across North America. Blue Spruce Energy also offers its customers an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing Blue Spruce Green natural gas or by purchasing Green-e Energy certified Renewable Energy Certificates. A tree is planted in California for every new Blue Spruce Green natural gas customer. Blue Spruce is dedicated to offering money-saving and reliable natural gas to our customers across California.

Contact: Mike Huggins , Managing Director, Callective Energy, 303-991-0983

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