United Energy Trading Teams Up with the Magic Yarn Project

United Energy Trading, a natural gas supplier, continues to plant roots in every community they're involved in.

March 13, 2020

United Energy Trading, a natural gas supplier, continues to plant roots in every community they’re involved in. Dedicated to supporting charitable organizations, their company donates both time and money. Their latest passion project is creating fantastical wigs with Project Magic Yarn.

In 2014, Magic Yarn’s founder, Holly Christensen, learned that a dear friend’s daughter had received a cancer diagnosis. As an oncology nurse, she knew the devastating effects cancer has on a child. In an attempt to ease her pain, Holly created a fantastic Rapunzel wig from yarn. The effect was magical. The joy she created was worth every hour spent on the wig. Holly then decided to make as many wigs as she could. With just one Facebook post, she went viral, and volunteers began to hop on board. From football
players to fellow moms, Magic Yarn quickly grew. Over the past four years, Project Magic Yarn has grown to include dozens of chapters, thousands of volunteers, and hundreds of happy little kids.

Cheri Lines is one of Magic Yarn’s selfless volunteers and has been a part of the UET family for years. Leader of a Utah chapter, she hosts public and private events, educating volunteers and guiding newbies in construction and design. Cheri describes how others can help: “A lot of people think you need to crochet, you don’t. Most of the volunteers do not know how. They can make personalized cards, they can make flowers for wigs, even finding candidates to send wigs to, all of it helps.”

Heather Kinghorn, a senior level UET employee and a close friend of Cheri’s, was eager to help and quickly organized a wig making party with UET employees. Their most recent donation, 150 wigs, will be dropped off to local hospitals. Magic Yarn has made over 30,000 wigs worldwide, and continues to grow each year. “At UET we jump at the chance to get involved with excellent charities like Magic Yarn,” says Heather. “It is a privilege to give our time and support to an organization that brings such joy
to children around the world.”

When UET gets involved, they go full force with money, time, and manpower. This same hard-working attitude applies to their ability to navigate the energy market. UET provides natural gas service to
California, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, and Wyoming and consistently stays one of the most reliable and cost-effective companies on the market.