United Energy Trading Gives Back to US Troops Overseas

Local Energy Company, United Energy Trading, supports the troops with major donation for Christmas.

June 11, 2018

Denver, CO, December 22, 2017 –(PR.com)– United Energy Trading, LLC (UET) has long been a company of compassion. Their charitable work often stems from family members or close friends bringing a cause to their attention, and the staff of UET rallying around it. This was the case for Micki Mills, a long-time friend of Heather Kinghorn, Senior Contract Administrator/Risk Analyst for UET. Micki’s son, Cahn Wadhams, is a commissioned Captain in the United States Air Force, and on his first deployment overseas. For Micki, sometimes this is an overwhelming fact. “Some people don’t remember that there are people out there fighting for our freedom and they can’t see their families. They are serving our country, and not everyone appreciates that.” Understandably, this fact gets harder for her family during the holidays.

When speaking to her son, they get to e-mail and text back and forth, Micki learned that the holidays for the troops were an afterthought. Captain Wadhams expressed his disappointment during Thanksgiving, telling Micki they didn’t have enough for the 410 servicemen in his command and Christmas would not be any different. This was a reality that Micki was unwilling to accept. She started writing Christmas and thank you cards to every single one of those Airmen. Driven in this task only by love and compassion, she confided in her dear friend Heather. Heather then suggested they go to Tom Williams (Tom), President of UET, and see what a whole company could do for the United States military.

Tom was enthusiastic about the cause, immediately agreeing to donations and support of the troops. UET sprang into action and custom printed 410 t-shirts, bought 410 packs of beef jerky and gum. These gifts will be given to the troops Christmas morning, making sure each one has something to open that day. Micki couldn’t be happier with the response. “It makes me feel very lucky and fortunate to have such good friends in them. Sometimes you don’t know what to do until someone steps forward, Tom says let’s do something, it gets done. To know somebody as generous as Tom makes you feel that there really are people out there who care about people in the military.”

There is a big-hearted, open-handed approach to charity within the United Energy Trading family. Co-workers and peers are the driving force behind the various causes and charities that UET gets behind. It stems from a management team that is encouraging towards giving back, a company that looks forward to the future with green initiatives and inward to the community, supporting generous organizations in Denver Colorado.