Steve started his career in natural gas marketing at H&N Gas in 1994, where he initially focused on scheduling gas in the Texas, Louisiana, and Gulf Coast regions. As he became more familiar with the pipelines, Steve started aggregating field area production and transporting it to the market areas, and backhauling gas to various Louisiana end-users. In total, Steve spent 7 years at H&N Gas. His next endeavor was to establish a new energy marketing and trading business with Petrocom Energy LLP. His primary focus was to create profit through producer services and aggregation of natural gas in Texas and Louisiana production regions. With his background in the Gulf coast, Steve hired on at United Energy Trading, LLC (UET) in 2006 as Mgr. of Marketing & Trading Southern Region. Steve has brought UET into the southern region of the United States as a well known and trusted supply and market for producers, long haul transporters, and end-users alike. Steve is a graduate of Sam Houston State University with a BBA in Finance.