Serafin started his career in the natural gas business in 1999 as a financial staff accountant with Western Gas Resources, Inc. where he was responsible for preparing the monthly financial reports for eight natural gas and liquid plants. In 2000, Serafin made the move from accounting to marketing as a financial analyst, where he was responsible for tracking the daily futures and derivative trading activities for WGR’s corporate financial trading desk. In 2001, he made the move from the financial side of the business to the physical side as an Associate Gas Marketing Representative. His duties included providing analytical support to the physical gas marketing team. In 2005, Serafin joined WGR’s gas marketing team where he was responsible for maximizing sales revenue for WGR’s Rockies production as well as monetizing storage and transportation contracts in the Rockies region and in Canada. In 2007, Serafin left WGR/Anadarko to join High Sierra Energy, LLC. in their efforts to start up a wholesale natural gas group. In the spring of 2009, Serafin left High Sierra Energy to join United Energy Trading, LLC. where he is currently working with the retail natural gas group.  Helping to manage CAllective Energy, Kratos Gas and Power and Uncle Frank Energy Services.