Jake Housman brings 16 years of oil and gas experience to UET.  After serving in the US Military on a EOD Team, Jake started in the industry with Grey Forest Utilities, a gas municipality near San Antonio, TX while using his G.I. Bill at the University of Texas at San Antonio where he completed a Bachelors in Business in Construction Management.  In 2008, Jake joined Chevron in the Permian Basin to help manage the operations and maintenance of the West Texas LPG system out of Midland, TX.  Before One Oak purchased the West Texas LPG system, Jake transferred to the commercial trading group in Midland, TX as a lease crude oil trader to help manage Chevron’s Midland Truck Terminal and the third party crude business.  In 2014, Jake transferred to Houston where he traded Eagle Ford and USGC crude waterborne grades.  All during 2015, Jake started Chevron’s US crude export strategy to align with Chevron’s expected growth, where later in 2015 the US Crude Export Ban was removed.  For four years he traded US cargoes and expanded Chevron’s Global Trading model by helping Chevron execute permian takeaway, aggregate third party supply to global trading teams and refineries, and market US equity to foreign customers.  In mid-2019, he joined Arcadia and successfully started up a US Crude Export capability out of Houston, TX.  Not long after, In Jan of 2021, Jake joined UET.  He will be leading efforts to expand UET’s domestic crude trading business in the USGC and internationally under UET Global, a subsidiary of UET LLC.  Jake enjoys traveling and the outdoors, but 2nd to raising his 4 children with his wonderful wife, Viola.