Customer Focused, Customized Approach

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Whether you’re a hotel, a greenhouse, a regional chemical company, or an aerospace manufacturer, when it comes to buying natural gas, your needs are the same: reliability, savings and risk mitigation. UET understands your concerns and delivers on your unique requirements with a customized approach.

Customer service means delivering reliable natural gas to your facility each and every day. Our end user customers know our reliability and trust our capabilities. But customer service also means being there to explain natural gas pricing and the risks that come from price volatility. We understand your concerns and will work with you to mitigate risk and protect your budget.

Serving industrial and commercial customers throughout the United States, we know that each customer has a very different set of requirements, and we customize our approach to manage the whole process for YOU.

Commercial and Industrial Customers

Locking in prices reduces risk

Managing the gas supply process is complex. UET makes it simple for you. We leverage strong upstream relationships with gas producers and pipelines to meet your consumption demands, manage logistics, mitigate risk, and help you lock in lower prices for periods as long as five years.


Whether your goal is budget certainty or implementing disciplined long-term layered hedging, our state-of- the-art trading desk enables us to offer full access to market pricing structures, including fixed prices for any volume regardless of size, monthly or daily index, price caps, and an array of other options to help you reduce risk and develop a sound natural gas purchasing strategy.
Planning for a peak day of gas burns can leave assets unutilized or underutilized for weeks or even months at a time. Through our diversified base of pipeline and delivery requirements around the country, UET finds ways to use your storage and transportation assets, lowering your costs and creating value.

Retail Gas for Home and Small Business

Green choices, low prices

Looking for affordable, environmentally friendly energy for your home or small business? UET’s experience in wholesale trading makes it simple for us to provide lower prices to retail customers like you.

To learn more, if you live in California visit Callective Energy ( If you live in Ohio, Michigan, or Georgia, visit Kratos Gas and Power ( If you live in Nebraska and Wyoming visit Uncle Frank Energy Services (

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We are your renewable energy partner

Looking for a reliable energy partner focused on renewable and green energy? UGE offers a multitude of renewable energy programs and offsetting credits.

To learn more, visit United Green Energy (