Brad Freeman has more than 30 years of experience in the operations, marketing, strategic planning and optimization of natural gas assets, gas supply, and LNG. Extensive experience in pipeline, storage, supply and demand modeling across North America with strong relationships with LDCs, marketers, power generators and industrial customers. Brad started his career with Atlanta Gas Light Company working his way up through Gas Control from Engineer to Director, Gas Operations spending 10 years in Gas Control/Operations at the utility. In 2001, Brad transitioned to the AGL affiliate Sequent Energy Management. For the next 13 years, Brad modeled, managed and optimized multi-year natural gas asset management deals in all regions of the US and Canada. In 2013, Brad worked at Wood Mackenzie modeling natural gas pipeline infrastructure and basis for pipeline project, supply and demand changes across North America. In August 2014, Brad joined UET as Director, Asset Management and Marketing. Brad is focused on growing the asset management transactions for UET across the country but with primary focus in the east. Brad has a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.