Industrial, Commercial and Retail Services

Customer service means delivering reliable natural gas to your facility each and every day – our customers know our reliability and trust our capabilities. But customer service also means being there for you to explain natural gas pricing and help you understand the risks that come with price volatility. We recognize the concerns of our customers and know that each one has a very different set of gas requirements; from the small bakery to the large paper mill, we are in an ideal position to help you manage your natural gas needs and we are excited to show you our expertise.

UET provides full-service gas supply and risk management services to industrial, commercial, small retail and wholesale gas consumers throughout the United States. Our goal is to understand your risk profile so we can help you build a sound, structured and collaborative approach that mitigates energy risks, protects your budget, and protects you from price volatility that will occasionally occur.

UET has assembled an experienced, top tier trading and risk management group that is active in the natural gas markets each and every day. We complement our trading operation with seasoned account managers dealing directly with YOU.

UET is actively growing its smaller commercial and residential end user portfolio (core accounts).