United Energy Trading has regional offices spread across the United States and Canada and understands that a local presence is critical to serving the individual needs of its customers. Integrating twelve regional offices across North America ensures that UET is always nearby.


The employees at UET have over one thousand years of combined experience in energy markets and bring with them a proven record of success. In today’s industry, success requires more than execution of trades. It requires a fundamental understanding of the individual needs of the customers and a relentless commitment to finding creative solutions.

UET takes pride in its ability to help energy producers and end-users effectively manage their price and performance risk. Most importantly, UET is committed to ensuring every customer receives a superior customer service experience.

Wholesale Services
  • Supply natural gas to wholesale Commercial and Industrial customers
  • Load management services to end-user customers
  • Asset Management
    • Storage
    • Transport
    • Gathering transport
  • Price Management
  • Production Aggregation
  • Producer Services
    • Royalty and Interest owner disbursement
    • Contract negotiation
    • Gathering nominations
    • Wellhead balancing
    • Tax payments