UET is involved in the transportation and marketing of NGL’s within various North American producing basins, providing a much needed service for the efficient and effective disposition of the growing supply of NGL’s being produced in association with shale oil. The desire to increase overall production value combined with new more stringent flaring regulations has resulted in a strong demand for proven logistics and marketing expertise in this niche. Services UET provides include the following:

Our services include:
1) Deployment of wellhead NGL stripping units
2) Trucking raw make to optimal markets
3) Creation of rail to market NGL marketing paths

The opening of Mexico’s hydrocarbon markets to free market enterprise has provided a rare opportunity for UET to apply our marketing, transportation, and logistics skills to new markets for the effective and efficient provision of LPG and refined products. UET’s proven abilities to be a first-mover in such market situations is being demonstrated again as we are actively providing LPG via rail and truck to these markets in volumes that will continue to grow.

Refined Products

UET actively engages in the wholesale marketing and distribution of gasoline and distillates throughout the United States; most notably along the Colonial, Magellan and Explorer pipeline systems. In addition to the bulk movement of refined products, UET has established more focused and strategic terminal operations in order to service our customers rack level fuel needs.