United Energy Trading LLC (UET) has a robust and growing crude oil and product marketing group that provides value and service to suppliers as well as markets. UET utilizes decades of employee experience in crude oil and product sales across the country and a well-developed set of relationships with producers, terminal operators, transporters and markets to bring the highest level of customer service. UET is actively trading crude oil across North America, with an emphasis in the Bakken and Niobrara regions. Further, UET is active in coastal markets across the U.S. (Gulf, East, and West) with the transportation and terminal contractual assets needed to effectively pursue opportunities involving trucking, gathering, railing and pipeline transportation.

We understand the needs and concerns of crude oil producers because of our employees’ first-hand experience with production companies.  Our crude oil trading activities are also enhanced by buying crude oil from numerous producers that also sell natural gas – providing a one-stop service for the sale of both natural gas and crude oil. This gives us in-depth knowledge of production, infrastructure, weather-related issues and transportation matters that collectively provide value and producer services.  Our hallmark is reliability, close communication, and trusted, honest service for producers and markets.

Rail Logistics

UET has emerged as a leading domestic transporter of crude oil by rail to premium markets across the US and Canada. Crude oil by rail alternatives have become a necessary means to transport crude oil from pipeline constrained basins to the market. Rail alternatives create a fast solution to move production, compared to long lead times and long term contracts for pipeline expansions. UET has a proven record of successful rail operations, providing reliable and profitable service to crude oil producers and purchasers. UET’s crude oil by rail experience creates opportunities in other commodities, including purity propane.

Operational Advantage

• Strategic partnerships with veteran rail logistics facilitators
• Best-in-class scheduling services
• Relationships and experience with Class 1 railroads
• Contractual assets with rail origin and destination terminals
• Rail car leases

Crude by Pipeline

UET has built a portfolio of crude oil pipeline capacity on 20 regulated pipelines, including several in the most constrained shale oil basins. We have accumulated material amounts of historical capacity on these pipelines, giving us the ability to rapidly exploit arbitrage opportunities for our customers across North America when pricing differentials dictate. The company’s pipeline business averages over 65,000 bpd.

Crude Acquisition at the Lease

UET has a seasoned staff of crude oil lease originators, with each averaging over 20 years experience in the crude oil industry. UET originators purchases crude oil from producers at the wellhead in the Bakken/Three Forks, Mississippi Lime, Permian, Granite Wash, Eagle Ford, Niobrara and Tuscaloosa formations. Due to the experience and relationships of our origination team, lease acquisition has quickly grown to over 45,000 bpd in a few short years.