Founded in 2002, United Energy Trading (UET) is a fully integrated energy marketing and logistics organization with operations throughout the continental United States and Canada. UET provides creative solutions for energy logistics, marketing, optimization and asset management. Leveraging its experience and expertise, UET has proven to be an industry leader in the marketing of crude oil, natural gas, NGL’s and refined products.

During the oil shale revolution, UET emerged as a leader in transportation of crude oil by rail throughout North America. This was accomplished by establishing strong relationships with producers, railroad service providers and premium markets across the country. This along with in-depth knowledge of pipeline, storage and truck logistics has made UET a premier logistics provider in the crude oil, refined products and natural gas liquids markets.

Through its subsidiaries (United Energy Trading Canada, ULC; UET CanaRail, ULC; UET RR, LLC; UET Shipping, LLC; and UET Environmental Solutions, LLC) UET is able to successfully optimize its related gathering, storage and transportation/transmission services. This approach has allowed UET to establish and maintain deep and comprehensive relationships with oil and gas customers across the United States and Canada.

Competitive Advantage

With specific teams focused on providing producer services and others serving end-use markets, UET is able to generate value for its customers seeking energy solutions. UET approaches all marketing transactions with a solid foundation of trust, creativity and integrity.

UET understands the needs of its customers and applies its expertise to best manage each segment of the business. The dedicated staff at UET prides itself in developing solid long-term relationships in its wholesale marketing and producer services portfolios. By bringing a conservative mindset to the volatile energy markets, UET has firmly positioned itself as a trusted marketing partner.